Sunday Funday

Join us #IRL the second Sunday of every month. Past events include hikes, potlucks, tai chi & museum visits. if you have an idea for an event or any questions contact

Upcoming: August 14th @ 2pm

Join your East Bay Recovery Dharma community for the next Sunday Funday - Croquet and Snacks by the Lake! We will meet at Empowerment Park along Lake Merritt at 2pm. Bring a snack to share if you are so inclined or just bring your wonderful self and your intention to connect Hope to see you there!

 Image: a painting of Lake Merritt on a lovely day - capturing a clear sky, blue water, lush greenery and city buildings. Text box reads “Croquet and Snacks by the Lake Sunday, August 14th a 2pm Empowerment Park on Lake Merritt (462 Bellevue Ave, Oakland)”

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